Meet the Musicians who Helped Create the Red.Black.Green Album

I’ve been blessed to have some very incredible musicians help me record my album Red.Black.Green. It’s awesome to have guys who can bring my compositions to life in a way that’s beyond what I could’ve ever imagined. With the release date being only a few weeks away, I thought it would be cool to introduce the people who played on the album. They are Rob Dixon (saxophone), Greg Artry (drums) and Steven Jones (piano).

Rob is a brilliant musician, composer and band leader who has helped many Indianapolis musicians find their way while working with some of the most noteworthy jazz artists around the county. I met Greg shortly after moving to Indianapolis. We hit it off right away and bonded over many low paying local gigs and long trips working with other artists on the road. Steven is one of the hardest working piano players I’ve ever met. His sound can be heard all over the city as he’s one of the most in-demand musicians on the scene.

Earlier this week we all got together for an after hours jam session at Indianapolis’ historic Chatterbox Jazz Club. It was epic! We were joined by several other awesome musicians including my brother Sleepy from Native Sun on drums. I recorded the jam for you. Check it out below! The album Red.Black.Green will be available on October 8th.


Teaming Up with Mr Kinetik on My Hip Hop Instrumental Project

I'm currently working on a collection of hip hop instrumentals to release this Fall. My good friend Mr Kinetik joined me with a verse on one of the tracks. Kinetik is a brilliant DJ, emcee, beatmaker, musician, educator and all-around good brother. I'm very excited to have him on my project. You can take a listen to what we're on working below. I call this one Live It. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

If you want to hear more from Mr. Kinetik check him out on Bandcamp. He has several dope projects featured there. The one below entitled Spectrum is one of my favorites. Click the artwork to listen.

2 New Albums are Coming on October 8th

I’m releasing two albums simultaneously on October 8th (my birthday). Both are inspired by the idea of liberation. It started a couple of years ago when I began to dig deeper into history to understand the context of modern issues surrounding race and cultural traditions that impact my life directly. This lead me to question everything I’ve ever been taught about religion, education and social economic factors that affect black people. What I discovered is that since childhood my creativity has been hindered in numerous ways in order for me to fit the status quo, blend in and not make life harder on myself by standing out in any meaningful way. 

I discovered this hinderance to be sort of a defense mechanism in black culture that at one time helped us manage enslavement but in modern times often holds us back from our potential. So in 2015 I began taking steps to liberate myself from these cultural constraints. I left the comfort zone of 9 to 5 employment to build my own business as an artist and began to practice community building within my circle of influence. The music in my 2 albums symbolizes this transition of liberation in my personal life and is meant to inspire others, especially black people to take similar action.

Below is my original artwork and titles for both albums. Just for fun, please leave comments and let me know if you can pick out some of the symbolism I used. I’m really looking forward to sharing these albums with you on October 8th.

Help me name this song for my jazz album

I’m struggling to find a good title for this song. The music for the album is inspired by the concept of liberation. I like the direction and mood of the music in this piece but not sure what I should call it. If you don’t mind please listen to it. I’d love to know if there are any words or images that come to mind when you hear it. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Narrowing Down Songs for My Jazz Album

Here’s a live recording of some material I’m considering for my jazz album. It features my friends Greg Artry on drums and Steven Jones on piano. One of my favorite parts of the album planning process is testing songs on an audience to see if they resonate with people. I’d love to know if the song in this recording stands out to you. Let me know in the comments!

Zo! and Carmen Rodgers at The Greenwich Cincinnati

This past weekend I met up with with my friends Zo! and Carmen Rodgers for a show at The Greenwich in Cincinnati. They are touring in support of their respective albums Skybreak (Zo!) and Stargazer (Carmen). Both albums are very dope and we played nearly all my favorite songs from each. 

I made an audio recording of the show and gathered a couple of videos for you to check out below. If you like the music be sure to support Zo! and Carmen Rodgers by buying the Skybreak and Stargazer albums. They make great music.

Also, I’d like to shout out Cincinnati spoken word artist and author, TruFiyah who organized the show and provided awesome hospitality to us while we were in town. Like her Facebook page!

Listen to the Entire Show

Watch a Video Clip

Get the Skybreak and Stargazer Albums