Optique and Undeniable - Digital 2 Album Bundle


Optique and Undeniable - Digital 2 Album Bundle

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Here are two albums that I guarantee will feel like a breath of fresh air when you hear them. There’s nothing like turning up your stereo and feeling the rush and inspiration of good music. These albums are made for those moments. 💯

You’re part of a small group of people who I consider close supporters and I want to offer you this music at a special discount for the next 24 hours. Instead of the normal $15 price for my album Optique, you can get it plus an extra album featuring my band Native Sun for just $12. Please take advantage today and don’t miss out!

I’m actually so sure you’ll dig these albums that If you don’t like them you can email me and I’ll give you your money back. 👍🏾

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This is INCREDIBLE! Someone ban all that synthetic crap and lets bring real musicians back to our music. 
You can feel the entire energy and impact of every word of every verse vibing in unison to each note of each instrument...THIS is what hip hop was supposed to be. 
Artistry. LOVE it!
Classic Ruby.png

Classic Ruby Toronto, Ontario

Dictionary definition of "Virtuoso" you are sir and I've been a guitarist myself for two decades, and a judicious audiophile for three decades too; so I'm not just whistling Dixie. Kudos Meeks!!!
Blake Wilkinson.jpg

Blake Wilkinson Austin, Texas

I am in awe of this incredible talent known as Mr. Brandon Meeks. Excellent!!! FANTASTIC!!!
Ty Ross.jpg

Ty Ross Brooklyn, New York

You have a sound that I can vibe to everyday! It's amazing because, a lot of Artist don't recognize real talent. Keep it going!! We need many more like yourself.
Immani Cockran.jpg

Imanni Crockran Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Undeniable Optique bundle.jpg

Again I would love to have you get 2 albums for only $12 today while my offer is available. Tap the purchase button so you don't miss it!