New Collaborations

Lately my work as a musician has opened opportunities for a lot of exciting new relationships and collaborations. It's great to be able to work with people from different places and exchange ideas. Here are a few projects I have coming up with some very talented and interesting people around the country. Check out the videos and music below and feel free to comment on anything you like!

R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy)

I’m in the planning stages of creating a new single with Chicago emcee R.O.E. I became a fan of his earlier this year when my band Native Sun opened for one of his shows in Chicago. This brother is really dope and I’m looking forward to working with him. Check out this video from his recent live album recording. It's really good and the music is awesome.

Bashiri Asad

Bashiri and I have worked together since around 2007. Last year I did some bass work on his current EP, The Gil Suite which is a tribute to Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson. I’m currently arranging and producing a new EP for Bashiri to be released in late summer this year. Check out our take on Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson’s Must Be Something from Bashiri’s current EP.

Chris Burns

Chris Burns is an author and entrepreneur in Memphis, Tennessee who owns a successful shoe company called Arch. We befriended each other earlier this year. Chris was actually very influential in the development of this website. He very recently featured some of my music in his new video series on YouTube that provides valuable info for new business owners. Check him out below and also visit his website