Tragedy, Spirituality and Black Music

I enjoy playing music the most when I get to work with people who understand something about the spiritual side of music and how it connects us to our history, heritage and ancestry. This past Friday in Cincinnati with my friends William Menefield and Anthony Lee was definitely one of those times. Both are brilliant musicians and this is my favorite group to perform with when I'm not working with Native Sun. With everything going on in the news lately, we each had a lot to say which I think came through in the way we played. 

This show was full of some very powerful moments especially at the end when we felt moved to play sort of an impromptu tribute to the 9 victims of the recent terrorist attack in Charleston, South Carolina. Witnessing the response of the people was a reminder that music has a higher purpose than entertainment and I have to continue challenging myself to use my talent to make the world better. I really wish I could've captured the entire show on video but I'll be doing a lot more work with this group in the near future so please stay tuned.