New Music in the Works

A couple of weeks ago I asked people from my email list for their opinions about hearing works in progress from musicians. I wanted to know if people enjoy hearing an artist’s creative process or just the finished work. 

Overall people said they enjoy hearing the creative process in addition to the final product. Many felt like witnessing this process offers more insight into the artist’s thinking and builds a deeper connection with the music. 

So with this in mind I’m sharing a few things that I currently have in the works for my upcoming instrumental hip hop album. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to discuss these or answer questions about the music. Thanks!

The Move (working Title)

I started this one while working on several ideas for a documentary series. The creator of the documentary decided to go with another track I made so I'm using this one for my album.


I shared an earlier version of this track a couple of weeks ago. Since then I've added a few more elements and tinkered with the mix a bit. The vocal sample came from a brilliant singer out of Columbus, Ohio named Roxie.

Untitled Idea

This one is a rough idea that came to me around 4am this past Saturday. I quickly sketched out a guitar part using the voice memo app on my iPhone and then dug through some old break beats on my computer for the drums. I think it has potential but I have to spend more time with it for sure.