Is Music Marketing a Scam?

Marketing is a vital part of being an independent artist. It's equally important as creating the music. I say this because creating music means nothing if people don't hear it. After all music is for listening. The process by which people outside your circle of family and friends hear your work is marketing. A common misconception amongst creative people is that marketing is a scheme used to trick people into buying things they don't need or really want. In this video I offer a clear explanation of what marketing is and why we as independent artists should be doing it consistently.

Offering Your Support On Patreon Is Secure And Easy

My Patreon campaign is easy and simple. You can support my music by pledging $1 per month and in return you get my album Optique for free plus weekly music that is only for my patrons. There is no long term commitment and you can stop donating whenever you choose. If you wish to pledge more than $1 per month there are additional rewards available.