Bass Cover

Could it be I'm Falling in Love (Remake)

Some days ago my wife Tameka and I were out shopping for school clothes for our kids when this song came on in the store. It's an old favorite from The Spinners that I hadn't heard in a while. After that day this song has been stuck in my head so I had to do something to express the vibe it puts me in. Even though I'm an 80's kid I really identify with these old soul records. Reminds me of when Tameka and I first started dating and life was a lot simpler.

I think with everything going in the world today with issues of race, violence, economic problems and such, there are some very important discussions, commentary and action that needs to take place. But in the midst of that let's not forget to love.

Please listen to the track below. Let me know if you like it in the comments. You can even let me know if you don't like it. I'd appreciate hearing from you either way. Peace!