Dencity Radio

Dencity Radio is an Excellent Platform for Independent Hip Hop

Dencity Radio is a hip hop radio show created and hosted by Boston poet Michelle LaPoetica. I regularly check out the show to discover good independent artists around the country and they always have something for me. I recently found a couple of gems from Joyner Lucas and Tish Hyman in Dencity Radio's January 9th episode.

Michelle LaPoetica, has also interviewed Native Sun in recent months and consistently invites extremely talented and interesting artists to be on the show. You can check out Dencity radio every Saturday from 2pm-4pm. Each episode is also archived for streaming or download. Click the button below to listen on their website.

Native Sun Represents for Indianapolis Hip Hop on Dencity Radio

I recently had the honor of doing a radio interview along with my Native Sun brothers Bobby Young and Sleepy. We made an appearance on a really great hip hop radio show and podcast called Dencity Radio out of Boston, Massachusetts. This was the perfect opportunity to talk about our upcoming live EP for the first time publicly and we were also able to show some love to our local Indianapolis hip hop scene, which is beginning to flourish.

The show's host, Michelle La Poetica is doing an incredible job of building a platform for good, independent hip hop music. She is also a part of a hip hop collective in Massachusetts called Wreck Shop Movement. We'll be building and collaborating with them more in the coming months. Take a listen to Native Sun's interview on Dencity Radio below!

If you would like to hear the full podcast on Dencity Radio's website, click the button below.