Dick Gregory

1969 Film Featuring James Baldwin and Dick Gregory Inspires Music for My New Album

Here’s a documentary that’s inspiring some of the music for my upcoming albums. It features a discussion by James Baldwin and Dick Gregory on the black experience in America and how it relates to the Caribbean and Great Britain. The film was created in 1969 but is still very relevant to the times we live in today. I have much respect for artists like Baldwin and Gregory who took their talents beyond the realm of entertainment used their gifts to make a difference in the world. I aspire to do this in my own way. The video is below for you to check out. If you know of similar films let me know in the comments.

Dick Gregory HATES Miles Ahead. He's Not too Fond of Don Cheadle Either.

I was browsing around YouTube today and came across this video of Dick Gregory going COMPLETELY OFF about Don Cheadle's film Miles Ahead. As someone who personally knew Miles Davis, Mr Gregory took issue with the fact that Cheadle couldn't get all of the necessary funding for the movie until a white actor was given a prominent role in the film. You can watch his tirade in the video below. What did you think of the movie? Do you agree with Mr. Gregory or is he off base on this one?