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Miles Ahead is Now Available on YouTube

Don Cheadle's film, Miles Ahead is now available for rent or purchase on YouTube. You can also find it on Blu Ray or DVD at As you may or may not know, I am in two scenes of the film as bassist, Ron Carter. Being a part of this movie is one of the most exciting moments of my career as a musician and I'm very pleased with how the movie turned out. You can rent or purchase the full movie below. Definitely check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

Dick Gregory HATES Miles Ahead. He's Not too Fond of Don Cheadle Either.

I was browsing around YouTube today and came across this video of Dick Gregory going COMPLETELY OFF about Don Cheadle's film Miles Ahead. As someone who personally knew Miles Davis, Mr Gregory took issue with the fact that Cheadle couldn't get all of the necessary funding for the movie until a white actor was given a prominent role in the film. You can watch his tirade in the video below. What did you think of the movie? Do you agree with Mr. Gregory or is he off base on this one?

See Miles Ahead by Don Cheadle in Theaters Everywhere April 22nd

Don Cheadle's film, Miles Ahead will be opening in New York and Los Angeles on April 1st and opening nationwide on April 22nd. I'm super excited about this. I was at the film's premier at New York Film Fest 53 in October. Let me be the first to tell you that it's definitely worth going to see. I'm somewhat biased because I'm in the movie but I'd say the same thing if I wasn't.

As a huge fan of Miles Davis, I think Don Cheadle did an outstanding job of capturing his character, distinct voice, mannerisms and spirit. There was also an excellent approach to representing the music from each of Miles' creative periods. Miles Ahead is an awesome work of art that further solidifies Miles Davis' place in history and illustrates his lasting impact on the present generation of musicians. Below is a video of Cheadle speaking in depth about the movie during an interview at Sundance Film Festival. Please take a look.

Sundance 2016 - Miles Ahead

Don Cheadle stopped by the Variety Studio at Sundance to discuss externalizing Miles Davis' internal battle in biopic "Miles Ahead"

Posted by Variety on Friday, January 29, 2016

How I Got to Play Ron Carter in Don Cheadle’s Film About Miles Davis

I was recently able to speak with Jill Ditmire of WFYI Indianapolis about my part in Don Cheadle’s film, Miles Ahead. We talked about how I got involved in the movie as legendary bassist Ron Carter and some of the differences between performing live versus creating a performance for the cameras. 

I also was able to talk about my upcoming acoustic jazz project and present a new song entitled Illusion. Please listen to the interview below. You can also post questions about Miles Ahead in the comment section and I’ll be sure to answer them as best as I can. Thanks!

Don Cheadle's Miles Davis film Miles Ahead is completely different from any biopic you've ever seen

Here's a few thoughts on the new movie Miles Ahead, directed by and starring Don Cheadle about music icon, Miles Davis. I had a small role in the film as Ron Carter and went to New York to catch the premier at New York Film Festival.

I was very impressed by how different this movie is from any biographical film about a musician I've ever seen. So I decided to make a quick video to let you know a little more about it and why I think you should see it. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

My Interview with Indianapolis Monthly Magazine

Below is a transcript of my recent interview with Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. I had a chance to talk about my experience working with Don Cheadle and a little bit about the music scene in Indianapolis. Check it out!

We caught up with the Indianapolis bassist, whose musical talents are on display in the upcoming Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead.

IM: How did you land a role in the movie?

I went to the audition in Cincinnati. They gave me a segment of the script they wanted me to read. They had me play a few songs on acoustic bass, and they ended up calling me back after that. They have me depicting Ron Carter. The scenes that I’m in, we’re part of Miles’s Second Great Quintet, one of his most famous groups. It had Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, and Tony Williams in it.

IM: You worked with the director and star of the film, Don Cheadle. What was he like?

He’s a regular, down-to-earth guy. No kind of Hollywood attitude about him at all. He was really friendly to the band and thought we all played well. He would talk and laugh with us and was just a really approachable guy.

IM: What one thing are you taking away from this?

Never assume that an opportunity of that magnitude won’t happen to you. I kind of just responded to the call for auditions on a whim thinking I wouldn’t get it. So just never pass up an opportunity because you think it’s too far-fetched for you to get it.

IM: What have been your best times playing in Indy?

There are just so many stories. I did a two- to three-year stint with Rob Dixon where we played at the Chatterbox every Monday. Those were some really good times. A lot of interesting people would come out. It was a good chance for us to hang out and catch up each week, play some music, and just play whatever we wanted to play. –Brooke Chambers

Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic ‘Miles Ahead’ will premier at New York Film Festival

Last summer I participated in the filming of a Miles Davis biopic entitled Miles Ahead directed by and starring Don Cheadle. I portrayed Ron Carter, the bassist in Miles’ Second Great Quintet. It was a pretty awesome experience. I spent about 3 days on set and got to work directly with Cheadle and Robert Glasper, who created the film score and was on set to make help sure the music performance scenes would sync correctly with the soundtrack. Both of them were very down to earth and really fun to work with. 

Glasper had us all cracking up the whole time. He was also super knowledgeable about the music of the time period and had a wealth of great advice. Don Cheadle has to be the coolest brother in Hollywood. I was really impressed with how everyday at break time he would chill and eat all of his meals with the extras and musicians instead of staying in his trailer. He was also really cool toward me and the other musicians and made sure we all knew how much he appreciated us being in the movie. Also If you didn’t know, Don Cheadle is a beast on trumpet. Doing those scenes with him was surreal. It was like I was really playing with Miles at times.

Over the weekend I found out that Mr. Cheadle has landed a very high profile debut for the film. It will be presented on closing night of this year’s New York Film Festival. The festival will be held September 25th through October 11th. Even though I only worked on two scenes I’m just as excited as if I created the entire movie. This is definitely one of the biggest things I’ve ever been involved in. Check out this quote from Cheadle about the film’s acceptance to the New York Film Festival below. I’ll be sure to post on this blog when I found out when Miles Ahead will be released in theaters.

I am happy that the selection committee saw fit to invite us to the dance. It’s very gratifying that all the hard work that went into the making of this film, from every person on the team, has brought us here. Miles’ music is all-encompassing, forward-leaning, and expansive. He changed the game time after time, and New York is really where it all took off for him.
— Don Cheadle