independent hip hop

Watch Native Sun on FanJamTV

There is an exciting new web video series based in New York called FanJamTV. The show brings musical artists and their listeners together by providing a platform for face-to-face interaction via Skype. It's very unique because it allows music lovers to directly interview the artists they support.

Native Sun was recently invited to be a guest on the show and it was a great experience. We were able to finally meet some of the people who support us in various cities around the US. Those who participated asked us some very thoughtful and important questions. It was very encouraging to see how many people are genuinely interested in our work. 

Please check out the video below and see what I mean for yourself. I'd love to know what you think about this show!

Dencity Radio is an Excellent Platform for Independent Hip Hop

Dencity Radio is a hip hop radio show created and hosted by Boston poet Michelle LaPoetica. I regularly check out the show to discover good independent artists around the country and they always have something for me. I recently found a couple of gems from Joyner Lucas and Tish Hyman in Dencity Radio's January 9th episode.

Michelle LaPoetica, has also interviewed Native Sun in recent months and consistently invites extremely talented and interesting artists to be on the show. You can check out Dencity radio every Saturday from 2pm-4pm. Each episode is also archived for streaming or download. Click the button below to listen on their website.