Undeniable + Step Into the Light


Undeniable + Step Into the Light


An exclusive bundle of two Native Sun albums, Undeniable and Step into the Light. Also includes two live recordings. If you love independent hip hop with creative beats and genuinely clever wordplay this is for you!

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1. Where Iā€™m Coming From (Undeniable) 04:39

2. Livin the Life (Undeniable) 03:48

3. The House (Undeniable) 05:02

4. I Get Around (Undeniable) 04:10

5. Make it with Me (Undeniable) 05:16

6. Burden of Proof (Undeniable) 04:02

7. Nothing Can Compare (Step into the Light) 03:23

8. Step into the Light (Step into the Light) 02:42

9. Reel to Real pt 1 (Step into the Light) 01:10

10. Give You the World (Step into the Light) 02:31

11. All is Well (Step into the Light) 03:15

12. Reel to Real pt 2 (Step into the Light) 00:41

13. Circle City Renaissance (Step into the Light) 02:57

14. Peanut Butter Sandwiches (Step into the Light) 03:50

15. Reel to Real pt 3 (Step into the Light) 00:50

16. Fresh Heir (Step into the Light) 04:34

17. All is Well (Live at Static Shack) 03:31

18. Give You the World (Live at Static Shack) 02:56


All songs produced by Brandon Meeks except Livin the Life and Fresh Heir produced by Bobby Young. Additional production on all tracks by Richard "Sleepy" Floyd. 

Lyrics and Vocals by Bobby Young