I Will Record Bass Guitar For You

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I Will Record Bass Guitar For You

from 50.00

Get live bass tracks for your music. Please read full description and FAQ's below before ordering.

  • Up to 6 MInutes
  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use

If you have multiple songs or would like multiple versions of 1 song please include the total in the quantity field.

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Getting Pro Live Bass for Your Music is Easy

Send your songs. I will record professional bass tracks for them in wav format and send them back to you. I am highly versatile and able to perform a broad range of styles including jazz, hip hop, soul, gospel and more. Here's how I will help you get your songs done:

  • Fast turnaround (normally within 3 business days)

  • Ability to play your music with feeling

  • Very detail-oriented and will play your bass part correctly

I have been playing bass professionally for over 15 years and will do justice to your music. In my time as a session musician I've gotten overwhelming positive reviews and 5 star ratings. Contact me today. I'd love to know about your songs so we can get started.

PS: Please read the FAQ section before making an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need 1 revision to the bass track?

A revision is considered to be a single specific part of the bass track that you would like to have changed. Each of my services includes 1 revision at no extra charge. There may be an additional charge for additional revisions. Multiple changes listed under one revision request will not be accepted.

What if I need more than 1 revision to the bass track?

No problem. There will be a charge of at least $10 to complete multiple revisions. Depending on what is needed this price could appropriately increase at my discretion.

What if I need the track to be redone?

If you need numerous or substantial changes that make it necessary to redo the bass track, you will have to re-order the track. To avoid this, please provide adequate information (recordings, sample bass part, score, etc.) for me to complete the track to your expectations the first time.

What if I need extra versions of the bass track?

You can use the quantity field above to enter the number of versions you would like to have. Once you tap the Place Order button you will have an opportunity to type additional information and direction about your order. Here you can tell me to make additional versions of the same track.